Evaluation Information

updated: April 20, 2018:

2018 Season Evaluation Information

The evaluations have been completed for the 2018 season. Thank you for your participation. The teams have now been drafted and the season is underway. Have a great 2018 season!

For each season players are assigned to a specific evaluation group.
Players are required to arrive between 30 to 45 minutes prior to your first evaluation time for a MANDATORY equipment check and to obtain a numbered evaluation pinnie (see below for further information on the equipment check and goalie equipment).

Following the player evaluations, players are assigned to their team or to a tier (Minor, Major and Junior divisions only). The coaches will met to draft their teams. Once teams were drafted, players were contacted by their coach with team contact information and the team schedule. All team placements are FINAL and it is not possible to move players following the team drafts. We make every effort to place siblings in the same age group and tier on the same team. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any other requests to play with friends or neighbors regardless of the reason!

Tiering Divisions - Minor, Major, Junior

Our association adopted a tiering process starting in the 2016 season. We are required by our interlock agreement with other associations to tier all Minor, Major and Junior divisions into two tiers, Mountain (Tier 1) & Pacific (Tier 2). Please be assured that careful planning and evaluating takes place with the goal of creating balanced teams and we continue to refine the process each season.

It is important for parents and players to understand that this is not an evaluation of "REP" or "HOUSE" level play. The level of commitment is the same for both Mountain and Pacific tiers. All players must attend their first two evaluation sessions for the first round of tiering. All players not assigned to the Mountain division will attend a third evaluation session in order for Pacific team coaches to select their teams. 

For the 2018 season we only have one Junior team this season we did not need to perform evaluations for this division.

Please note that once a player has been selected for a specific tier or team there will be no player movement. 

Evaluation Volunteers

Each season we are in need of parent volunteers for the player evaluation sessions. It takes 20-30 volunteers to share the workload of player check-in, equipment checks, and other important roles. In addition to parent volunteers, we often accept high school students that are looking for an opportunity to earn their grade 11/12 volunteer hours. We cannot run the player evaluations without your help!!!
If you are interested in helping out or if you know a high school student that is looking for a volunteer opportunity, please contact Alysin Cameron, Evaluations Coordinator, at refscheduler@tcmbha.com.


As noted above we perform an equipment check prior to each player’s first ball hockey session.  Please arrive 30-45 mins before your first session for an equipment check.  Required equipment is listed on our website: Required Equipment


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